Property Condition Assessments

A Property Condition Assessment, also known as a Building Condition Audit or Facility Condition Audit, is typically undertaken by a party involved with a commercial property transaction. These transactions typically include: leasing, purchasing or selling. Financial institutions may also request that their client undertake a Property Condition Assessment as part of their "due diligence" requirement.

The assessment is undertaken to determine the condition of the primary building components and systems. These components and systems include:

    • Structure
    • Electrical
    • Heating and Cooling
    • Plumbing
    • Building Interior
    • Roofing
    • Building Exterior, and
    • Site Work

Additional assessments, if requested, include:

    • Fire and Life Safety Components
    • Elevator Systems, and
    • Environmental Site Assessments

These components and systems are identified, their condition evaluated, assessed and a financial determination of what capital budget should be set aside for immediate and future repairs or replacements.

With over 25 years of work experience for governments and corporate companies we've attained the level of technical expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with comprehensive, detailed reports. With over 1,400 commercial inspections within the last decade, we have the experience and knowledge to conduct your Property Condition Assessment.

Our methodology for conducting Property Condition Assessments meets and typically exceeds the ASTM E-2018-08 Standard and National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) 36913 publication - Protocols for Building Condition Assessment.

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